The Doomsayer

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  1. Doomsayer was a Cenobite appearing in Clive Barker's Pinhead. Radically charged, Doomsayer attempted to instigate his fellow Cenobites and rally them against the likes of Leviathan, only to be swiftly silenced as a result. Doomsdayer, like Aparius, has a long neck that was extended by a long line of rings. He wears a black leather outfit like the other cenobites, plus he has 8 pins on his.
  2. Doomsdayer definition, a doomsayer. See more. Are you richer than Croesus when it comes to knowledge about the Words of the Day?
  3. Doomsayer may refer to: A doomer or peaknik (believer in drastic consequences from the peak oil theory) A character class in Deadlands: Hell on Earth; A person or doomsday cult claiming a doomsday prediction; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Doomsayer. If an.
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  5. The Doomsayer is found wandering around Lumbridge near the Lumbridge Guide prophesying doom to all who speak to him. He has a natural skill at sensing danger and he feels it is his duty to warn others of the potential hazards that await unsuspecting travellers. He does this by putting up warning signs in dangerous places, accompanied with a warning message. Whilst he calls himself the Gender: Male.
  6. Doomsayer definition, a person who predicts impending misfortune or disaster. See more.

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