Wine Pon It

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  1. Wine pon di thing gal wine pon di thing Mek mi tek out mi pen and sign pon di thing Move your waistline gal line pon di thing Heeey. Mi gal show deh mi wine weh you have When you touch di road everyman a get mad Wine and go dung gal show deh you bad And just wine my wine mi gal wine my wine it up Tic toc gal straight Wine pon di sitting gal you.
  2. Wine pon a man Giddy up, giddy up Wine, wine pon a man Go, go leff di beer Show breast, no brassaire Arm clean nuh ras hair Woman is a [?] Every gyal ah disappear If yuh hot gyal pull yuh blouse up Electric, it hit yuh, go grouns' up If yuh still hot pull yuh skirt up Coodeh! Bear man .
  3. Wine Pon Di Edge Lyrics: Ain't gonna leave you girl so just wine for me girl, wine for me girl, wine for me, wine [x4] / My girl just wine pon di edge, pon di edge, pon di edge WINE / Pon di edge.
  4. Apr 10,  · Gyal wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine Pon di beat, everybody kotch pon di beat Hold on pon yuh man, kotch pon di beat Some gyal nah wine dem nuh know di .
  5. Hook: I want you to wine down pon it Wine down pon it Sit down pon it Gal sit down now Wine down pon it Sit down pon it Gal sit down now Gal sit down just Wine down pon it Sit down pon it Gal sit down now Wine down pon it Sit down pon it Gal sit down now Gal sit down now. Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons!
  6. Apr 02,  · [Intro] |Am |F |Dm |Dm |Am |F |Dm |N.C. Em / [Verse 1: Doja Cat] Am F I ain't got my eye on you Dm Transfix, hypnotized by you, yeah Am F Ain't in here tryna find my dude Dm I take it you ju/5(6).
  7. Apr 06,  · Actually "wine pon it" in the songs is metaphorically referring to the act of a woman wining pon "it". "It" being the male organ. It is a metaphor for bedroom activities.
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  9. Wine Pon Di Ting Lyrics: Yeah / Demarco / Represent for the ladies / Represent for the ladies / A just the wine weh you have, baby / Girl, you drive me crazy / Want you to be my lady / Lady / Alright.

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